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    A Welcome message from our Pastor.

    A local church is a living thing in that it is not the building or programmes or history - it is people!

    We at Ashford Congregational Church (ACC) are just such a group of people who are trying to live lives that reflect Jesus. Four things that I hope you will find us to be if you choose to visit us are:

    a broad church. We have people of all ages and stages of life, much like a family! We do many things that help people to connect with one another.

    a culturally diverse church. We have enjoyed an influx in recent years of people from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This makes for a richer experience of church.

    a Bible-based church. We take seriously the Bible as the Word of God and sufficient for everything concerning our faith in God and living it out each day.

    a community church. We believe that faith in God only flourishes when we are in community with each other and the wider community of Ashford should be positively impacted by us.

    Our Sunday services are probably the best way to get a taste for who we are. We meet at 10.30am and at 6.00pm. I hope that we will see you in the near future and that you will find a place to fit into our family.

    God bless, Keith Wilson (Pastor)


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